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    CARMEN HARRA : Intuitive psychologist, certified relationship

    Harry Potter the Soulmate Bond (Series) Keira Marcos

    Soulmate Dreams: Do You Dream of Your Soulmate?

    What are your Favourite Foods? A. Stew Kimchi jjigae B. Any types of meat C. Fruit D. Shashimi E. Pizza F. Anything with flour G. Pork H. Soup I. Rice J. Korean Knife Noodles K. Meat L. Japchae M. Meat, Meat and Meat N. Original Korean Foods O. Foods that kings Eat P. Lobster Q. Naengmyun (cold noodles) R. Chicken S. Greasy food 8. What s you favourite Number? A. 3, 9 B. 3 C. 1 D. 1, 2 E. 10 F. 4 G. 7 9. Which month is closest.

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